F1, former driver: “There is a lack of trust between Ferrari and Leclerc.”

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Former Formula 1 driver Marcus Ericsson confesses his skepticism about Ferrari.

Former Formula 1 driver Marcus Ericsson, four years at Sauber from 2015 to 2018, expressed his misgivings about Ferrari in an interview with Sky Sports: “I think Leclerc is very frustrated. I think he was fast this year, but there were a lot of problems.”

“He wants to fight for the championship but it hasn’t been like that. It will be difficult for Charles because I think he had a chance to really fight for the title this year. He couldn’t do it because of a number of things out of his control.”

According to Ericsson, there is a lack of trust in the team: “From a driver’s point of view, both Carlos and Charles question the decisions the pit wall makes during a race. It’s clear that the trust you have to have as a driver towards your team seems to be a bit lacking in Ferrari, that’s not good.”

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