MotoGP, Marc Marquez finds a possible job for Dovizioso

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An old rival, to whom he may have found a new job.

Marc Marquez continues his own complex rehabilitation journey after a new injury forced him away from the circuits. However, he remains very attentive to the dynamics of MotoGP, especially in the area of safety even after recent events involving him. This is precisely why the Catalan is among the main supporters of the establishment of a MotoGP riders’ union, at the head of which he would like Andrea Dovizioso to go.

The Forlivese in fact from 2023 will no longer be on the track as a rider, but could remain in the circuits as a representative of colleagues in MotoGP. This is at least the hope of Marquez, who spoke clearly. “The leader of such an organization should be someone who no longer races. But if we want to work on it for real, we need the time to do it in the best possible way,” are his statements, re-launched by ‘MotorSport’.

Dovizioso, moreover, on that possibility preferred to stall for now. “I will keep the door open to any possibility, from this point of view I want to be clear. I believe that in this environment my experience is now a lot, and proposals to do something here have not been lacking. Now, however, I feel the need to take the time to do at home what I want, at that point we will see,” explained the man who in Ducati was one of the quintessential opponents of Marquez’s Honda.

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