Marcell Jacobs, the injury that rattled him

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The words of Marcell Jacobs

Marcell Jacobs spoke after his triumph in Monaco: “It has been a complicated and difficult season, to come towards the end to this European and win is exciting and gives me confidence. I am not so happy with the race, in the semifinals I felt I raced clearly better, in the final there was a bit of tension. The start was not the best, I then came out well. We got ahead of everyone, that was the important thing.”

The Olympic champion cleared up the mystery related to his condition: “Everything happened before the semifinal: I rehearsed the start, I felt my calf close completely and everything went through my mind. I closed my eyes, did what I could: fortunately it was a simple contracture and allowed me to run.”

“Right now I am very happy, satisfied. The time does not satisfy me so much, I always look for the best from everything. Half the people did not believe in my participation in the European Championships, winning them gives me confidence and makes me realize that the little work I have done works and if I am well I can do great things.” The Italian has already given the appointment for the relay: “In the coming days there will be the batteries of the 4×100 to win the final and dream again all together,” he concluded.

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