F1, Max Verstappen outspoken about Charles Leclerc and Mattia Binotto

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Reigning world champion Max Verstappen: “With Mercedes I wouldn’t spend my Saturday night at the same table laughing, with Ferrari it’s different”

Max Verstappen in an interview with Sky made a comparison between the rivalry with Lewis Hamilton and that with Charles Leclerc: “I much prefer the current one, because I know Charles very well. He’s a good guy, we’re the same age, only three weeks apart to be exact, and I’m fighting against a very respectable opponent, the Ferraris.”

The Dutch driver does not have the same feelings for Mercedes, after last season’s controversy: “Let’s put it this way: I would not spend my Saturday night at the same table laughing with them…it’s nice the relationship there is right now, in general I have great respect for Ferrari.”

“We know the people in their team well, even with Mattia Binotto I have a very good relationship. This is what racing is all about, tough competition on the track, always trying to beat the opponent, but outside you can get along.”

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