Sinisa Mihajlovic unleashed against haters: “Usual m…e”

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Bologna coach Mihajlovic: “I don’t even have social media, I feel sorry for my children.”

Bologna coach Sinisa Mijhajlovic in a press conference on the eve of the match against Spezia addressed very harsh words to the haters who have insulted him on social media in recent days after the Rossoblu’s complicated start. His daughter Viktorija on Instagram had retaliated with a very harsh post.

“I heard about everything yesterday. Anyway she took action against those comments that had nothing to do with soccer. They are usual m… who hide and then pay compliments…. That’s today’s world, they don’t have the balls to say it to their faces. It can hurt children to read such mean things about their parents, but I am used to it and especially I don’t even read them because I don’t have social media. My children will have to get used to that life is also this.”

This is the daughter’s post, “I never write these things on social, I have never wasted time with people who hide behind a keyboard to vent all their frustration. But I believe that when the line is reached and even crossed, something needs to be said. I don’t find it right to mix work and private life. You want to insult my father from a work perspective? You are very free to do so. We would miss that. But then when it comes to family, health and so many other things I read, no. I don’t accept that anymore. What you write is creepy, remember we are talking about a man, a father. Remember that there are boys involved who might read what you write and be affected by it. And I am ashamed for you.”

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