F1, Ferrari: Mattia Binotto retorts to Nico Rosberg’s new attack

©Getty Images

Back-and-forth between Rosberg and Binotto on British TV

Never soft on Ferrari, especially in recent months, Nico Rosberg once again criticized, in the harshest of words, the actions of the Cavallino’s box during the Dutch GP, commenting on it for ‘Sky Sports Uk’.

“Even Formula 2 or Formula 3 teams manage to study better strategies,” Rosberg said: words that triggered the direct reaction of Mattia Binotto, who raised a wall in defense of his team at the microphones of British pay TV.

“We will not change any element, this is a direct response to Rosberg,” Binotto said. “Stability within a team is fundamental, as is the ability to improve race after race: we have the men to do it, I have no doubt.

In any case, Binotto himself admitted that “the goal is to improve at the strategy level. In any case, it is an aspect that worries me less than others, such as the race pace.”

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