Dino Meneghin gives advice to Gianmarco Pozzecco: “His health depends on it.”

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Dino Meneghin gives advice to Pozzecco

Italian basketball legend Dino Meneghin, in an interview with ‘Il Giornale,’ talked about the Azzurri and Gianmarco Pozzecco after the Italian national team’s first two games at Eurobasket 2022.

“The Poz is a spectacle. As a coach he is exactly as he was as a player. A force of nature. Lots of adrenaline, passion and skill,” Olimpia Milano’s flag bearer said about the Italian national team’s coach.

“Now he is this: someone who suffers the pains of hell on the bench. I say it jokingly, but not even that much: if he doesn’t calm down, his health is at risk,” Meneghin continued, giving advice to the former point guard.

Finally, the former president of the Italian Basketball Federation concluded by extolling the relationship between the Poz and his players: “Undoubtedly between him and boys there is more than feeling. There is love. The team spirit is very high.”

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