F1 Ferrari: Monza gets complicated right away for Carlos Sainz

©Getty Images

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz at the Autodromo will change the power unit, fitting a lighter power unit

It will be a complicated Italian Grand Prix for Carlos Sainz: according to rumors reported by Motorsport, the Ferrari driver will mount a new power unit, and will start from the back of the grid at the Autodromo, as happened to Charles Leclerc in Belgium.

The new power unit, according to rumors, will be two kilos lighter and should boost the performance of the Iberian, destined for a comeback race with lots of overtaking, favored by the multiple straights of the Brianza track.

“I know that in the plan is to put a new Power Unit, which would also save us a couple of kilos and hopefully give us more pace in qualifying and in the race,” those were Sainz’s words after Holland.

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