Juve, Pogba injury: expert makes Bianconeri anxious

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“Recovery could take a long time.”

Surgeon and specialist Dr. Zanon, Habilita Group’s head of sports medicine, also wanted to comment on the injury of Paul Pogba, the French midfielder for Juventus. And he did so by leaving a brief interview with the microphones of La Gazzetta dello Sport.

The expert immediately clarified, “I do not know in detail the case and the type of injury, but generally when the lateral meniscus is involved it is difficult to think about not intervening surgically. It is clear that if after such a long period of time it then came to the operation, the so-called therapies did not have the desired effect.”

Zanon then cast doubt on Pogba’s presence at the upcoming World Cup: “He is at risk. A meniscectomy takes 45 to 60 days just to run again, let alone play. And Pogba is not exactly a brevilinear, his recovery could take even longer.”

Finally, the doctor made the Bianconeri fans worry, showing his perplexity for a return already at the top in 2023: “It’s hard to say, because the adaptation of the knee to being without that piece of meniscus must also be checked. You have to be careful, annoying chondrolysis can also emerge….”

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