Simone Inzaghi blames Torino.

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Simone Inzaghi blames Torino.

Not without suffering, Inter managed to overcome Torino’s resistance thanks to Marcelo Brozovic’s goal. Speaking at the press conference, Simone Inzaghi analyzed the match this way, “It was important, wanted by the team, we found one of the worst opponents since Wednesday. The boys worked as a team, they suffered together and as a coach it’s a pleasure, it was far from easy.”

The Nerazzurri struggled to set up dangerous patterns of play: “Just go and look at last year’s game with Torino, which we won 1-0 and was very similar to today’s, despite the fact that we were in December. It is Torino that leads you to not perform brilliantly, but I take the character the team had. We have to improve, then tonight was not the best game. We had an opponent who forced us not to play very cleanly, we had to get the ball to the forwards and we didn’t do that very well.”

“It is important, because we were coming from two defeats against important opponents, the last one against the most intense team in the world, which is Bayern Munich. I am happy for the boys, for our curve, which was with us from the first to the last minute. After a defeat in the derby and the one with Bayern they never left us, it was a great signal for the boys.”

There was a meeting between Inzaghi and the club during the week, “It was nothing special, they talked because we were coming from two defeats. We are Inter and we always have the obligation to do our best: when we lose there is a lot of talk, but we have to get used to it and we confront each other every day. We all talked together, it was a constructive meeting and tonight it showed on the field.”

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