F1, even Federica Pellegrini at Monza: her feelings

©Getty Images

An excited champion among champions.

Federica Pellegrini is among the big names in sports who decided to attend the Italian Grand Prix in Monza live. And the “Divina” of Italian and world swimming explained to the microphones of ‘Sky Sport’ what her relationship with speed is: “It is a relationship that has been going on for years, although in a different environment. Out of the water I like it a lot, but actually this is the first time I’ve come to watch Formula 1 live. I’m enjoying these moments, I must say it’s all a lot of fun.”

Federica Pellegrini then declined to comment on the outcome of the Grand Prix, merely crossing her fingers in favor of the camera, adding, “Forza Ferrari.”

However, the atmosphere in Monza captured everyone. “It’s incredible, only here is there such a welcome. It will be a special day. We hope we can get a great result. We will focus on our potential, trying to make the most of it. We hope it can end up like in 2019,” Charles Leclerc himself said upon arrival at the Autodrome.

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