F1, “Valentino Rossi-style” helmet at Monza: Daniel Ricciardo’s tribute

©Getty Images

A full-scale tribute to the ‘Doctor’.

Daniel Ricciardo will take to the track at Monza for the Italian Grand Prix with a special helmet expressly dedicated to Valentino Rossi. The design traces the one that the ‘Doctor’ used at Mugello in 2008, as is clear from the McLaren driver’s “big face” that stands out on the shell print.

But that’s not all, because Ricciardo has also decided to imitate Valentino Rossi’s grimace and the iconic “The Doctor” inscription, replaced by “The Honey Badger” but applied in the same colors and font as the Tavullia star. This was presented in a post on Instagram, in which the Australian rider wrote, “Race day, I have something special Valentino Rossi.”

“Good morning everyone, we are in Italy. Today we are racing in Monza, and I decided to bring a free helmet for a motorsport legend. The one and only Valentino Rossi. You may remember the version of this helmet he used at Mugello in 2008. I don’t know if it’s as good as Valentino’s, but I think it’s equally fun. And since I start fourth on the grid, I hope this is what my face looks like when I pass under the finish line,” Ricciardo said amid laughter.

Lots of praise for his choice, including a “10/10” from his teammate in McLaren, Lando Norris, famously another big Valentino Rossi fan.

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