Fiorentina violets of rage against referees: “In…zati”

©Getty Images

Fiorentina ds Pradé blurted out after the game against Bologna

Fiorentina sporting director Daniele Pradé to DAZN expressed the purple club’s anger over referee Orsato’s direction during the match against Bologna: “I am one who speaks very little and, when I am seen, it is because I have to say things. We are poisoned, indeed: we are pissed off. Put that the team has lost humility and is not brilliant, put that we made mistakes today, but losing because of a situation like this is not good.”

“Kasius’ touch on Dodò was clear. They did three minutes of Var for Arnautovic’s offside? That’s not good, it’s hallucinating. We always ask for explanations in a very polite way, but episodes like this are not good. As a representative of the company I have to intervene. I would like to be told tomorrow by the designator that a refereeing error was made, just as Igor made a technical error on the goal.”

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