Juventus-Salernitana: Mario Mazzoleni has found the culprit

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Mario Mazzoleni found the culprit

Mario Mazzoleni, a former referee, also spoke to the microphones of Calciomercato.it on Twitch TvPlay about the agitated Juventus-Salernitana final.

The Juventus-Salernitana episode: “We had yesterday the confirmation that the Var tool is not infallible, also because it is used anyway by human beings. The goal was to reduce the problems, the protocol compared to last summer has certainly been improved. However, I do not consider yesterday’s error to be the most serious one, it is certainly the most obvious because Candreva keeps Bonucci in the game, who takes part in the action. The playerless goal at the end would have been annulled because he actively participates in the action, these are the indications given at the beginning of the season, like it or not. Too bad it was Candreva at the back. The referee who was on his fourth game in Serie A was burned at the stake, but the concrete error is Banti’s at Var. Then you also add the fact that there is a lack of images at the Var. However, I did not hear brought up the person responsible for this, namely the assistant, who is in excellent condition to judge the action, it was very easy. The linesman has a hard time when the player is close, because the cone of vision is narrow, in this case you are at a standstill, he has time to position himself on the line, he has an extraordinarily easy perspective with everyone in front, the only person who should have seen Candreva who is like Bonucci in his cone of vision is the linesman.”

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