Sito Pons no-holds-barred on Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi

©Getty Images

Former rider Sito Pons: “Marc Marquez might retire, but he’s like Valentino Rossi, he’s never satisfied.”

Former rider Sito Pons in an interview with Solomoto addressed Marc Marquez, who is doing everything he can to return to racing as soon as possible after his fourth shoulder surgery. “He will find out how he’s really going to be when he’s on the grid.”

“Marc is one of those riders who is never satisfied,” Pons continued, “who would never want to stop, exactly like Valentino Rossi, like Mick Doohan. With what he has done, he could retire, he has already achieved his dream. But that’s the way he is, that’s the value of riders like that: if he could win 15 World Championships, he’d go for it. In his head and in his DNA he knows that he cannot settle.”

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