Series C, energy cost problem gets heaviest

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Ghirelli calls for immediate action

“The cost of energy for C-series clubs is in danger of producing heavy damage and wiping out cost-containment policies. We are the soccer of the territory, the social soccer. Premier Draghi knows that we are, likewise, a productive sector. It is necessary to intervene immediately.” These are the words of Lega Pro President Francesco Ghirelli in a tweet of his regarding the problem of energy costs for C teams.

“For the budgets of the clubs the situation is very serious and very serious. Rising energy and gas costs are rapidly creating an unsustainable situation. The cost increases have led to spending that varies, depending on the different realities, from double to five times as much. This is happening even at this time of year when sunlight allows for a larger space of visibility throughout the day. To reduce the damage, we have acted on the match schedule by concentrating most of the matches in daylight hours, albeit having to discount a higher temperature, than in the evening. The damage is enormous. The prospect of winter will exacerbate the situation because of the increased use of electricity for lighting to which heating will be added.”

“The government must consider us a productive sector and give the clubs the opportunity to take advantage of all the interventions, planned or to be launched. We, are pushing for stadiums and sports centers to convert energy sources to those with low cost and lower environmental impact. At the same time, we are designing the stadium as the site of a new urban centrality. We need to be supported to reconvert obsolete, inhospitable stadiums (often), with stadiums capable of ensuring better reception and at the same time less energy costs,” Ghirelli concludes.

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