Virtus Bologna, Ismael Bako has chosen his new jersey number

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Ismael Bako has chosen his new jersey number.

New year and new jersey numbers for the new signings of the Virtus Segafredo Bologna men’s basketball team as it faces the 2022/2023 season. For some, the choice of jersey number represents a choice of the heart, for others a superstitious choice, and for still others, sometimes there is no particular significance.

And so here are the jersey numbers chosen by the HCL players: no changes for those who already wore the black V’s jersey last season. Novelties, on the other hand, obviously affecting the latest arrivals. Number 7 for Ismael Bako, who not having the option of choosing his usual number (21 which is owned by Toko Shengelia) veered to 7, his girlfriend’s favorite number. Heartfelt choice also for Iffe Lundberg, who chose 19, the birth date of her son Jamie, born on December 19, 2019 precisely. Number 24 for Leo Menalo, in honor of Kobe Bryant. No special significance, however, for the number 25 chosen by Jordan Mickey. Finally Semi Ojeleye, who chose number 37: he, selected in the Draft at number 37, with this choice at each step of his career wants to remember where he started.

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