Gianmarco Pozzecco lashes out, “I’m considered a clown and that’s not okay.”

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Pozzecco doesn’t go for it

“I’m considered a clown by us, and that’s not good.” Gianmarco Pozzecco, with ‘Republic,’ takes out his pride.

“Victories come from a path, and a path from a question: how do I want to live,” he adds. To have a player who on your way out comes and gives you a kiss and says, ‘We’re winning it for you’? I want to live like that. But in Italy some newspapers don’t get the space we deserve. This is because we love soccer so much. We want to show our country that it has to follow us.”

“In sports, emotion counts, living things on the skin. You become inextricably and forever attached to a sport that has excited you. And emotions are given by respectable players. I felt like I was at the bar drinking a beer, and instead my team was beating Serbia,” the national team’s technical commissioner closed.

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