F1 Ferrari: Montezemolo, new verdict on Mattia Binotto

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Former Ferrari president Montezemolo: “He protects the team and takes all the bullets.”

Former Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo in an interview with l’Equipe spoke about the current situation in the Maranello stable: “We also used to make mistakes, as Mercedes and Red Bull did. Ferrari is simply the most exposed team in the media. Nothing is forgiven at Ferrari, because it is Ferrari. Binotto is smart, he protects the team and takes all the bullets.”

“However, he is an excellent technical director so Gestione Sportiva represents something different for him,” Montezemolo continued. “It is necessary to understand why certain mistakes were made and to put them right. It is not for me to say whether there is a need to change team principals. Ferrari is a monument of Italy. I pondered for a long time before I took Todt in 1993, and it caused a lot of talk. In any case for a new team principal I would also look outside of Formula 1. Looking for it in the opposing teams doesn’t solve the problems. New dynamics are needed. Ferrari has a very competitive car, but one person does not win the Formula 1 World Championship.”

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