Gigi Buffon, heartfelt farewell to Roger Federer: “How much strength you had.”

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Federer’s retirement gives Parma goalkeeper Buffon pause: “Figuring out when it’s time to say enough is difficult.”

Parma goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon on social media wanted to comment on the retirement of Roger Federer, his point of reference: “Understanding when it’s time to say enough is difficult. I can only imagine what is going through your head in these hours and how much strength you had to make this decision. As you know well, I have never hidden the esteem and admiration I have for you.”

“You said that ‘tennis has been generous with you,’ but let me tell you that you have been even more so,” Buffon explained. “Not only with him, but with the whole world of sports in general. For me you have always been an example to follow for determination and professionalism. Your class and mental strength led you to be a winner on and off the field. Next week they will all be celebrating and applauding you in what will be special and exciting days. For you, for all sports lovers, and for me as well. Your friend, Gigi.”

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