Napoli, Luciano Spalletti shuffles the cards ahead of AC Milan

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The coach from Certaldo makes pretactics

Those who expected precise directions from Luciano Spalletti during the press conference introducing the big match between his Napoli and Milan were basically disappointed.

The coach from Certaldo, in fact, preferred to do pretactics ahead of Sunday night’s summit challenge: “If it is a graduation exam for us? I would say yes. But I cannot say today who will play, in any case they are all very motivated.”

“I am retiring, I have to do the last years without exaggerating, at my age you have to go easy on emotions,” he then explained, smiling. “It will be a good match for Italian soccer, I think Pioli also said it that they are two similar teams.

The biggest doubts focus on the attack orphaned by the injured Osimhen: Spalletti, in this sense, explained the reasons why he would choose Raspadori and those why, instead, he would rely on Cholito Simeone: “The first one gives more depth, attacks the spaces behind the line, he has more physique. The other is different, but we chose him precisely to have more possibilities and prevent us from being dependent on one system or one player.”

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