Spain at the feet of Sergio Scariolo: “We have climbed Everest.”

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“This medal is the most unexpected and the most satisfying.”

Basketball’s Spain is gloating after the sensational feat of the Sergio Scariolo-coached national team, which was able to retake hosts Germany and thus secure a place in the finals. The Iberian press speaks bluntly of a ‘legendary feat,’ considering that “the importance of the medal, whether gold or silver, lies in the fact that it was won with a transitional roster, on which not many expectations were placed, within a competition full of stars and talent,” writes.

After the match with the Germans, the Italian coach’s enthusiasm is through the roof: “I cannot find the words to congratulate my players. This medal is the least expected and the most rewarding. The clash with the Germans was like climbing a real Everest,” the Brescian began in the press conference.

“I think about the great coldness we had, which is certainly not the quality you expect from rookies. I think Usman’s 4 out of 4 free throws is a very important datum. The biggest datum is the character and competitiveness of these players. We will play a final against a great team. We will try to come up with something to be able to compete at our best,” he concluded.

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