Juventus, Angel Di Maria with bowed head: his official apology

©Getty Images

A post with a bowed head, in which to admit responsibility.

Angel Di Maria ended up in the crosshairs of criticism after Juventus’ defeat in Monza, which also came after his expulsion for elbowing Armando Izzo. And the Argentine chose Instagram to officially apologize to the Juventus universe. In the photo chosen for the post he can be seen with his head bowed, a few moments after the red he received at the Brianteo stadium.

“I want to apologize to everyone for this inappropriate reaction I had on the field,” Di Maria wrote on his profile, in both Italian and Spanish. “To have left the team with one less at such a difficult moment in the league caused us to lose the game. To have lost is only my fault. I am so sorry. I am a professional but also a human being who makes mistakes and knows how to recognize them.”

The red card to Di Maria, as far as league matches are concerned, is the first one imposed against the Argentine midfielder since back in 2017.

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