Died Alberto Mandolesi, historic voice of Roma

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Died Alberto Mandolesi, historical voice of Roma

Mourning in the world of Roman journalism: è died at age 76 Alberto Mandolesi, a former musician and for more than 40 years a commentator linked to Roma and a TV and radio pundit. È was one of the “pioneers”, in 1975, of local radio broadcasting, with a program on Radio Roma, the first private radio station in the capital, in which he conducted a broadcast focused on soccer.

He commented on Roma from the days of Liedholm until the 2001 Scudetto, continuing later to speak on various broadcasts, and è was editor of the magazine "Cuore romanista", distributed at the Stadio Olimpico on the occasion of Roma’s home matches, and columnist for "Il Romanista".

In the capital he was also known for being one of the first to predict a great future for a very young Francesco Totti, and it was also he, Mandolesi, who was the first to do an interview with the future No. 10, for the program 'Pressing' on Rete Oro. And now there are already many messages of condolence for his passing.

Among the first, via social, that of Bruno Conti: "Never will forget; your voice and your smile. Have a good trip Alberto…". Followed by emoticons of praying hands and a series of yellow and red hearts.

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