Roma, Mourinho: “We deserve this final.” Announcement on Dybala arrives

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Roma, Mourinho: “We deserve this final. Dybala has 30′ in his legs.”

Roma coach Jose Mourinho spoke in a press conference on the eve of the Europa League final against Sevilla. Paulo Dybala finally trained with the group but is far from the best condition: “20-30 minutes he has them.”

On the final: “Roma deserved this goal, the journey was long, different from that of our opponent coming from the Champions League. We played 14 games to get here, no doubt we deserve it. Now we want to play this final. We have been saying it for a long time and finally now it is coming. We have been working to be in a position to fight for this title.”

On Sevilla’s record of wins in the Europa League: “The Sevilla coach, Mendilibar, thinks differently. He believes his team is favored because history makes it so. I respect him but I disagree. We are here because we deserved it. True, they have history and experience that we don’t have. For them a European final is almost normal, for us an extraordinary event, as well as for our fans for whom it is something unforgettable. But tomorrow, when the game starts, there will be no history, we will just be there.”

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