“Pecco Bagnaia and Enea Bastianini? Two roosters in the henhouse.”

©Getty Images

Nadia Gresini’s words.

Pecco Bagnaia and Enea Bastianini will be teammates next year, and many people are already wondering what cohabitation between the two will be like.

Nadia Gresini fears that it will not be rosy: “They are two beautiful roosters in a henhouse.”

“To understand Enea’s grit just look at how in the final he had thrown everything out of the fairing while attacking Bagnaia. He has grit, he is someone who wants to win. And Pecco wants to do the same. They have known each other for many years and have always gotten along. Will their relationship change? It may, because in the end the mate is the first rival to beat. But I hope they will do it by always remaining calm with each other,” he concluded to Gazzetta dello Sport.

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