Marcell Jacobs: three new challenges for next season

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Marcell Jacobs plans his future: ‘First and foremost I aim for the World Outdoor Championships’

Tokyo 2020 100-meter gold medalist Marcell Jacobs in an interview with Sky outlined his goals for next season: “Next year the main goal is one, the only medal I’m missing: the World Outdoor Championships. Moving on from indoors, which I like and can’t go too long without competing: first indoor European Championships goal where I come in as defending champion, and then the World Championships.”

The Azzurro will also compete in the 200 meters, and will also try to lower his personal best of 9.80, obtained just in Japan: “The goal is to run one or two 200 meters for fun, and then do both races at the 2024 European Championships. I’d like to set a personal best, let’s work in function of getting in shape for the race that matters most and that’s where the time will come out that will be needed to keep up with them all.”

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