Italy also beats Qatar at the pre-Olympics

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Italy-Qatar 3-0

Men's Italvolley makes it two for two in Pool A of the Paris 2024 Olympic qualifiers. After beating the Czech Republic 3-1, Fefé De Giorgi’s men also triumphed with Qatar, defeated 3-0 (25-19 25-20 25-19) and climbed to first place in the standings, ahead of Germany and Brazil.

The real star of the first set è Alessandro Michieletto, named MVP of the match, author of 15 points in total and as many as 7 in the first partial. Despite numerous hitting errors, thanks to two consecutive invasions by Qatar, the Azzurri closed 25-19 the first set.

In the second set it was point-to-point until the middle phase, where Italy found the decisive break, going up 18-13. The Qataris try to come back down to 22-20, but it was Yuri Romanò who sealed the second set with a winning dunk.

Leading by two sets, the Azzurri play more loosely in the third fraction and run away on 14-8. From then on, they only have to manage the lead, until Tommaso Rinaldi, author of 7 points in the partial, closes the match, giving the victory to Italy.

The next commitment for the Azzurri will be on Tuesday, Oct. 3, at 10 p.m. against Ukraine.

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