Pecco Bagnaia reveals Valentino Rossi’s “trick”: “He changed me”

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Ducati centaur Bagnaia reveals, “Valentino Rossi taught me to breathe deeply, to get negative thinking out of the way.”

Ducati centaur Pecco Bagnaia in an interview with Corriere dello Sport talked about Valentino Rossi’s most important teaching: “He taught me to breathe deeply, to get a negative thought out of the way.”

Also thanks to his mentor, the Piedmontese rider has changed: “Years ago I was fast but too instinctive. Vale helped me understand that you can achieve great results using your head. I would fall trying to overtake in a hurry, I would make a mistake in my approach to some corners…that of deep breathing is a metaphorical image: it means trying to remain lucid while on the limit. I think it’s a valuable lesson.”

Bagnaia thinks not only about the title but also about the future: “I often wonder what I will do in ten or fifteen years, when my career ends. I dream. Maybe I will move back to Turin or who knows where. Or, more likely, since Domizia supports me so much, I will be able to reciprocate, devote myself more to her.”

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