Fiorentina, comes earful: “70 million up in smoke”

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“It is Fiorentina’s most glaring mistake in the past decade.”

If it is recalled by few, Pedro Guilherme Abreu dos Santos – Pedro, for everyone – the striker who passed through Florence’s sides for just under six months, from September 2019 to January 2020. Employed only on four occasions, partly due to the aftermath of an injury from which the player struggled to recover, the former Fluminense player then landed at Flamengo. Where he literally exploded, later also earning the call of the Seleçao. With whom he could now even go to the World Cup.

Putting his finger on the sore spot was Brazilian journalist Andersinho Marques, who spoke on Radio Sportiva on Wednesday. His words sound like a ‘condemnation’ towards the choices of Daniele Pradé and Joe Barone, responsible for the Tuscan club’s market.

“Pedro is Fiorentina’s most glaring mistake in the last ten years. It was another check for 70 million ready to be cashed in the future, but they did not have the patience to wait for a player coming from an injury. Time was given to Cabral, who is not doing much, while with him after six months it was decided to end the experience for good. Coach Tite speaks very highly of him, he has a chance to go to the World Cup as a reserve center forward,” thundered the journalist.

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