Paul Pogba: “Now I am like Andrea Pirlo.”

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Paul Pogba’s new challenge

Paul Pogba, interviewed by GQ Italy, talked about his return to Juventus.

“I had experienced players next to me, now I look at myself and think that I have become like these players: Pirlo, Buffon, Chiellini. Now it’s my turn to do what they did,” said the French midfielder.

“The last three seasons, conditioned also by injuries, did not go as I would have liked and it is not a mystery. I thought that if we added to that the fact that Juve comes from two years in which they did not win the Scudetto, it would be a good challenge for both of us. I thought it was the right time for us to get together and try to take back our rightful place and get back to winning,” adds the former Manchester United man.

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