Lionel Messi in the storm: Argentine under attack

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Lionel Messi in the storm: Argentine under attack

In the last few hours, the Lionel Messi case has broken out in France: it appears that the Argentine produces an exaggerated amount of carbon dioxide with his private flights, which naturally has a major impact on environmental pollution.

According to L’Equipe Messi has reportedly emitted the same amount of CO2 in just three months that a normal citizen would emit in 150 years. The Paris Saint Germain star between June and August apparently made 52 flights, including 30 intercontinental flights (14 of them transatlantic), for a total of 1,502 tons of carbon dioxide released into the environment.

The issue opened a very heated debate in France that has since spread to the world at large. Many were disappointed in Messi: superstars of his caliber should raise awareness of such an important issue as pollution and set a good example.

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