Carolina Morace identifies Italy’s women’s problem.

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Carolina Moraca speaking.

To Carolina Morace, Italy’s strongest female soccer player ever, analyzed the Azzurre’s bad expedition to the English European Championships, dwelling on the moment that the women’s movement will experience and trying to draw a groove on how to come out of it in view of future commitments.

“I don’t like this doggedness against the girls, I think this bad European is the child of many situations and everyone has to take responsibility,” he said.
“They had a 50-day retreat. Shall we say that maybe it was too much? Maybe it was. In my time the long retreat was needed because there were no professional teams like there are now, which train the players well. I don’t know what was done but you can say that many players were not brilliant.

Then we have to say no more friendly matches against youth men’s selections because they are not needed. We need to measure ourselves against teams that allow us to evaluate the work done, not against the Under.”

“I am also of the opinion that we need to analyze mistakes in order to turn the page. You can discuss everything from the weather to the pressure; but when you take five goals you have to stop and analyze what was done, without blaming anyone but understanding what happened. To turn the page there is a need to work on what was done. Clearly I do not know what they did and what happened after the game but I say what I would have done.”

“You don’t have to be destructive and you don’t have to start all over again but there is a need to roll up our sleeves and pull out plans. Not only in women’s. If we analyze the matches, a huge difference was seen, especially with France. We apart from Bonansea’s initiatives, we don’t have players who dribble, who create superiority. And this is something that also applies to the men’s side.”

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