MotoGp, Marc Marquez between present and future

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Marc Marquez between present and future

Marc Marquez gave an interview to Estrella Galicia, one of his many sponsors, in which he analyzed his return to MotoGp, then projected already to the next season, which he wants to live as a protagonist.

The Catalan centaur commented on his return to racing as follows: “The evolution has been very positive and that was what we were looking for in this case; to start in Aragon, the Misano test and improve little by little so that the evolution was always positive, because sometimes it can happen that in rehabilitation you take steps backwards. We made decisive steps, we managed quite well and, above all, in this last race in Thailand, both in the dry and in the wet, I felt competitive.”

The eight-time world champion continued: “What gives me hope is that since I got on both the training bike and the MotoGP bike, I immediately felt that the speed is still there. However, it is not enough to be competitive in the World Championship. In this last Grand Prix in Thailand I started strong from Friday, and by ‘strong’ I mean with ‘intensity,’ and I was able to maintain this intensity until Sunday. In the race it was bad, but not because the bike was going badly, but because physically my body told me ‘enough is enough.’ If the race had been in the dry, I would have suffered a lot more.”

Finally, the Honda rider concluded, setting a goal for next season: “If you’re a Honda rider, you’re in the Repsol Honda Team and, well, you have the resume that you have, then you’re obligated to fight for the World Championship. That’s the goal.”

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