F1, Pierre Gasly shaken and furious: “I would have died like Jules Bianchi”

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F1, Pierre Gasly furious over tractor on track: ‘Grateful to be alive’

In the Formula 1 post-race in addition to Max Verstappen’s rainbow triumph, the unbelievable incident that occurred in the early laps of the Japanese Grand Prix holds the headlines: after the red flag, a tractor dangerously entered the track with the cars still on the track.

Pierre Gasly, remembering Jules Bianchi who died in similar circumstances in 2014, attacked the Fia harshly: “We lost Jules, we all lost an extraordinary person and an exceptional driver for an accident that happened eight years ago, on the same track and in the same conditions, and with a crane. How is it possible to see a tractor again today? Not even on the gravel, but on the track, while we were still on the track. I really don’t understand it.”

“If I had lost the car like Sainz I would be dead. It’s disrespectful to Jules and his family, and to us drivers. I’m extremely grateful to be here, and tonight I’m going to my family and all the loved ones I have…. I came within two meters of the tractor, I could have died.”

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