F1, Red Bull surprised and disappointed by FIA decision

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Red Bull is surprised and disappointed by the FIA statement

Following the FIA’s communiqué accusing Red Bull of a “minor violation of the financial regulations,” the Milton Keynes-based team was not slow to respond, surprised and disappointed by the International Automobile Federation’s decision.

Red Bull reacted to the FIA’s communiqué with a tweet on its official profile that read, “We note with surprise and disappointment the FIA’s findings regarding ‘minor violations of financial regulations regarding overspending.’

Our submission for 2021 was below the cost cap amount, so we must carefully review the FIA’s findings, as our belief remains that the relevant costs are below the cost cap amount for 2021.

Despite speculation and the positions of others, there is obviously a process under the regulations with the FIA that we will respectfully follow as we evaluate all options available to us.”

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