Mwepu drama: he is forced to retire

©Getty Images

Brighton midfielder has hereditary heart problem

Brighton midfielder Enock Mwepu’s career comes to an abrupt end at the age of 24. The Zambian midfielder, among the stalwarts of the English team now coached by De Zerbi, had felt ill two weeks ago during the flight to his national team: having returned to England for examinations, he discovered he had a serious hereditary heart problem, forcing him to say goodbye to soccer.

The British club in an official note explained that the player can no longer compete at a high level, due to the risk of cardiac arrest: “Enock became ill while on a flight to Zambia during the national team break and after a stint in hospital in Mali he returned to Brighton to undergo further cardiac tests and ongoing treatment. These tests concluded that his illness was due to an inherited heart condition, which occurs later in life and was not previously evident on regular cardiac screening. He will have to stop playing soccer.”

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