Jacques Villeneuve with no brakes on Ferrari and Charles Leclerc

©Getty Images

“He is making too many mistakes: is he under pressure because of Ferrari’s mistakes?”: Villeneuve’s words on Leclerc

Former Formula 1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve on his column on formule1.nl addressed the series of mistakes that have characterized Charles Leclerc and Ferrari’s season.

In particular, the former Canadian driver highlighted Leclerc’s mistakes in recent months: “Ferrari collapsed, the team made mistakes too often and this increased the pressure on Leclerc. Charles has also started making mistakes, and the question will always remain: would this have happened without the team’s mistakes? His mistake while leading at Paul Ricard was ultimately decisive for the championship.”

“Verstappen would still have won even without Leclerc’s long run, but Red Bull got the perfect finish this way. They won in Honda’s land while the tires were going through a lot of wear and tear. It may sound easy, but make no mistake: I think the main difference was that the RB18 does not eat the tires like Ferrari.”

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