Paola Egonu lashes out and threatens farewell to national team, her agent plays fireman

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Paola Egonu vents, officer acts as firefighter

Paola Egonu’s attorney, Marco Reguzzoni, tries to downplay the extent of the statements made by the outfielder, who vented at the end of the match with the United States: “They asked me if I was Italian, this is my last match with the national team,” said the volleyball player.

“It is an outburst at the end of the match,” Reguzzoni told Rai, “after a disappointment. Paola did not express a good game and was attacked harshly for not reaching the goal of the final. She told me that she was in trouble, that she is not well. The sentence about the national team? Something that is part of the outburst and she has already downplayed in interviews. She reiterated that it’s an honor for her to wear this jersey and that she wasn’t mad at anyone, she’s just very sorry because when she doesn’t play well she’s always being accused. And that hurts her. She is a human being and hers was just an outburst that ends there.”

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