Alessandro Deiola divides Cagliari fans

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Alessandro Deiola divides Cagliari fans

Among Cagliari’s players, there is one in particular that divides the Rossoblù fans: he is Alessandro Deiola. The 1995 class, moreover scoring in the last challenge against Brescia, is a much talked about profile on social media.

There are those who don’t consider him up to Cagliari’s standards, such as Lello: “As long as he is there let’s forget the beautiful game,” or Marco: “I don’t know how Liverani can make him play, he doesn’t get a pass right.” But there are also those who stick up for him: “The phenomena are always ready to besmirch, bravo Deiola I am happy for the goal and for the effort. One of the best against Brescia,” wrote Angelo. Of the same opinion Roberto: “I like him. He is not a champion but he always fights to the best of his ability. His jersey at the end of the game is always among the most sweaty plus he scores his goals every year.”

The Scudetto won by Cagliari at the end of the 1969-70 season has remained in the history of Italian soccer. Manlio Scopigno was on the bench while the team’s star was Gigi Riva: the bomber scored 21 goals, boasting the title of top scorer for the third time in just four years. Riva ended his very long experience on the island in 1977, having scored something like 164 goals.

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