Torino runs for cover and prepares strike in attack

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Torino runs for cover and prepares strike in attack

At home in Torino, there is a serious problem with goals: in the first 10 days of the championship, Juric’s gang has scored just 8 goals, better only than Fiorentina (7) and Sampdoria (5). Andrea Belotti’s absence weighs like a boulder.

It is urgent to run for cover: in recent hours the club’s executives have focused on Eldor Shomurodov, a profile already sounded in the summer but without ever sinking the blow. The Roma player is employed sparingly by Jose Mourinho, also because of the dense competition (Abraham and Belotti above all), and he might decide to make a change in order to play with more continuity.

Ivan Juric after the defeat suffered against Juventus (yet another good performance but without goals to his credit) was very clear: “I don’t know what will happen in May, it’s too early to answer. Then maybe I lose more games and get exonerated sooner…. In January I will not do the piece my way to get reinforcements.”

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