Torino, from Germany the new idea for the attack

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Niclas Fullkrug has bewitched the Torino management

Torino has identified Niclas Fullkrug as its new target for the 2023/24 attack: according to ‘Sky Sport’ reports, the Granata management has reportedly been literally bewitched by the Teutonic striker’s performance in the friendlies played by his German side against Peru and Belgium, and has begun sounding out the ground with Werder Bremen, a club to which Fullkrug has been linked for four years, for a possible market transaction to close in the summer.

Fullkrug, born in 1993, scored three of Germany’s four goals in the national team window (Germany, which will host Euro 2024, is not playing in the qualifiers). However, it is also his goals in the Bundesliga that have convinced Torino to try to get ahead of the game: in the last two seasons Fullkrug has in fact gone into double figures in the German top league, attracting the attention not only of Torino in Italy, but also of West Ham in the Premier League.

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