Paolo Simoncelli on the events in Portimao: “An explosive MotoGp, in every sense of the word.”

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Paolo Simoncelli has his say

“An interesting, atypical, at times explosive MotoGp, in every sense, a MotoGp as we have never seen it, where everything is geared toward spectacle.” Paolo Simoncelli also has his say on the start of the season.

“Everything evolves, even the introduction of the much-talked-about sprint race in my opinion has done its duty, which is to keep the spectator’s attention high. Original and alternative, a show in its own right, just what was needed. Of course, there are some things to fix and others need to settle down: something more could be given to the minor categories since the new format brings MotoGp riders to be busy all day,” adds the mustachioed manager.

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