Frank Vitucci tries to forget Devon Hall

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Vitucci’s wish

The bitterness of the finale at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan has not yet been fully digested, but at Happy Casa Brindisi it is time to turn the page and devote heart and soul to the FIBA Europe Cup.

The reaction of Happy Casa Brindisi, already clearly visible in the forty minutes of the championship against the reigning Italian champions Olimpia Milano, will have to pass also on the European court precisely at the MartiniPlaza in Groningen, Netherlands.

“Fortunately, we are returning to play a few days apart, taking off the dross of the, to say the least, rocambolic ending with Milan. We have a clear goal in front of us, to go for an away win in Groningen and redeem last week’s misstep with the Ukrainian team. For us this is an important game to win as is equally important to continue to make progress in the collective growth process,” Frank Vitucci said.

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