Federica Brignone knows that her mother Ninna Quario will be more relaxed

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Controversy is behind us

In a lengthy interview granted to Tuttosport Federica Brignone also spoke about her mother, Ninna Quario, who has decided not to continue her work as a ski journalist.

“In the end it’s a good thing, because then she can follow me as a mom and a fan and we can finally be together. And she will be more relaxed,” said the champion from Valle d’Aosta.

“Many, I’m sure, will think that the controversy that followed my statements during the last Olympics is the cause of this decision, but that is only partly true. Let’s say that the episode was just the straw (to be witty I could say Goggia) that broke the camel’s back,” Quario had written in Il Giornale.

“In fact, it had been a while since motivation and enthusiasm had been waning, because realizing that the journalism I have always believed in hardly exists anymore, that news is not found in the field by talking and snooping, but is dictated by social media and then processed at the desk, with sensation-making headlines often followed by zero content, well, I really don’t like this anymore. The impression, dramatically, is that now information is manipulated, readers or listeners are offered only one aspect of reality, one side of the coin, without asking whether it is the right one to show,” the former skier had later added.

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