Juventus, Andrea Agnelli and Maurizio Arrivabene in former president’s crosshairs

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John Cobolli Gigli caustic

During “Pressing Monday,” broadcast Monday night at 11:50 p.m. on Italia 1, former Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli spoke exclusively. Who was quite caustic.

“If Agnelli four months had said the things he said now, maybe the locker room would have been more united,” he said. “Now we celebrate Agnelli, and I also absolutely agree with his words, but the locker room in recent times was certainly in turmoil and divided. And maybe, and I speak as a fan, some managers were not very supportive of Allegri. That was where Agnelli needed to step in and provide clarity. Now, for goodness sake, we won with Torino, now we will see with Empoli.”

“Arrivabene is not a communicator, he is not up to communicating. Communicating is one thing and being a manager is another thing. He is a cost manager, he has to manage the economic structure of a company. The president holds the reins of Juventus and he has to be the person who exposes himself by communicating. He has the Agnelli family name and he has the investiture of the owner of Juventus who is John Elkann. Agnelli said the right things but late,” added the former number 1 of the Piedmontese club.

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