Lewis Hamilton goes wild: “They all copied me.”

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Lewis Hamilton goes wild: “They all copied me.”

Lewis Hamilton, whose season is far below expectations, spoke to the microphones of ‘CNA Luxury,’ a Singaporean media outlet.

“What many people don’t know is that I redesigned the steering wheel when I was at McLaren and when I came to Mercedes they did the same. All the other teams copied. All the steering wheels were circular. Now there is an upper part and it goes down, but it doesn’t join the lower part. I should have patented it! This is something I am very proud of-I like to work with the ergonomics of the car,” recounted the British ace.

“I’ve talked to many amazing athletes. Many said they retired too early or too late. Most have told me that I will know when it is right to stop,” Hamilton added.

“I always go against the grain. I don’t do what everyone expects me to do,” the multi-time world champion’s closing remark.

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