Charles Leclerc no longer wants to hear about his mistakes

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Charles Leclerc’s words

Charles Leclerc sees the glass half full: “Honestly, I am very satisfied with this season. Of course people will always refer to the mistakes I made in Imola and France, but out of 22 races there will always be a mistake, especially if you are pushing to the limit.”

“I don’t think when I made the mistakes, I was trying to compensate for other shortcomings. They could have happened at any time of the season. I can’t change what happened, but I have the feeling that it is talked about more than it should be,” he added to RacingNews365.

“The points gap is huge and there were close major point losses and at one point whatever we did we were under the magnifying glass. But as a team we have to improve on Sundays and we will work on that,” Leclerc concluded.

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