Max Biaggi knows what to expect in Malaysia

©Getty Images

Max Biaggi and his team prepare for Malaysian GP

On the eve of the MotoGP trip to Malaysia, Max Biaggi spoke to the official channels of the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team, of which he is the founder and owner, taking stock of the goals of his two riders, Ayumu Sasaki and John McPhee.

“In the last race we went to the points with both drivers,” said the ‘Corsair,’ “we have been protagonists since Friday. We didn’t get on the podium even though we had the chance, but the change of pace of the leaders in the final took Ayumu by surprise. That’s why we have to keep working, to avoid a repeat in Malaysia of what we saw last weekend.”

“Ayumu is fighting to finish in the top three in the overall standings,” Biaggi added, “as for John, I hope that in the last two races he can get that important result that has slipped out of his hands a couple of times this season but which he richly deserves.

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