Paolo Simoncelli also lashes out at Honda

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Paolo Simoncelli also lashes out at Honda

Paolo Simoncelli confessed all his disappointment with Honda after the Moto3 Portuguese Grand Prix. The Japanese manufacturer’s first bike è finished just tenth, 16 seconds behind the winner, and the gap to the leaders seems really huge. The SIC58 Squadra Corse owner certainly didn’t send them off in the press note after the GP.

"One criticism I want to make to the Japanese manufacturer to whom we have been entrusting our results for years, Honda. At the contract renewal in August we were promised engine development and technical changes, instead the only improvements made are thanks to Marco Grana, who tries to lighten the bike as much as possible".

"'Shorten tighten pulls’ to bring them (almost) on par with the KTMs. But when the blanket è short, you can pull here and there but something still remains uncovered. I thought the Japanese didn’t give certainties if they weren’t sure, but I was wrong", Simoncelli concluded piquantly.

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